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Inserted : 04-04-2013 13:29.
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  tRA5Q2 fzogdtrqefve

Inserted : 01-04-2013 12:41.
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  i am virendra singh rawat from city of surat gruaajt state today mera phad webside is very active in internet discous of lanaguage of kumuani$ garwali adit national lable many people send the personal advise .but at peresent as my thinking you enter 21 century world is a house allpersons are attched by one by one only english you have give that small thinking in won mind & change him self make the basice education yourchilderns in english after 10 years yours childerns reched in 21st century they attent international lablei request to you go to school & ask the teachers your dutey only deceplain of chiled our dutey is good thoughts won his mind a younger period after our chiled change the whole world & we are automotic chages,

Inserted : 31-03-2013 16:31.
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